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Art in Isolation
Wear a Mask, Save a life

Wear a Mask, Save a life is a campaign by Michelle Poonawalla to encourage people to wear masks during the ongoing Covid pandemic. Having initially contributed a series of masks to the successful Masks d’Art exhibition, a charitable initiative by Art for Concern, Michelle has continued to produce hand painted masks which have been distributed for f ree via Instagram. So far over 200 hand painted masks have been sent out as part of the campaign.

Intended to provide some colour and vibrancy into an otherwise difficult time the masks painted by Michelle Poonawalla feature her signature motif of a butterfly. Masks have been a key visual symbol of our recent times, both representing the difficulties of lockdown and as a symbol of movement or a way out. Speaking about the project Michelle said "I was so thrilled by the response to my masks I wanted to continue sending them to people. Masks are becoming the new normal and a symbol of our times, as such I wanted to give a little colour. Not just for the wearer but for everyone who sees them".

21 Migrants

This sketch portrays the human tragedy of the impact of the Corona Virus in India. With the lockdown announced, there was a huge impact on the daily wage workers. The informal workers are the backbone of the Indian Economy f rom sectors across, be it constructing houses, eateries, cooking, and plumbers to various other jobs. The shutdown turned these people into overnight refugees. Men, women and children began journeys back to their native places. They walked for days under the summer sun and the night stars. Most of them carrying few belongings knowing they would starve. They battled hunger and fatigue, but they had to carry on with their families. The pandemic had turned into a humanitarian crisis. I thought there was nothing better than to show what these people were going through; 21 migrants were carefully sketched inspired by a ‘real life situation’.

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Sketch for Hothur Foundation

Hothur Foundation is promoted by Wahab Group of companies, a name associated with diversified business in Karnataka.
Mining industry being their main-fold business, they follow the high quality systematic and scientific standards to protect the environment and conserve nature. They continuously strive to improve landscaping by planting and nurturing trees and thus adhere to the eco-f riendly and sustainable mining methods. The Wahab Group of companies that always believes in "giving back to the Society" has consciously on its own, embraced itself with the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).
The Hotur Foundation, spearheaded by Kulsum Shadab Wahab aimed at addressing and uplifting of the economically backward by providing for basic amenities including quality educations, medical aid, maternity guidance, counselling, matrimonial aid for girls as well as contribution to inf rastructural growth through roads, education centers and bus shelters, etc. The Hotur Foundation also partners with other charitable institutions and corporate setups who share the common vision of a better life for the deserving.

Art for Concern

Michelle Poonawalla is a part of an a fundraiser initiative by Art for Concern. It is a unique online art event planned titled Mask D’Art.
This will be a drive to help the fight against this pandemic by supporting healthcare teams across the country and distributing food grain across communities.
MASKS as we know, are the new normal and now become an unavoidable accessory for our protection. Therefore this drab mask, with rendition of art can be made artistically desirable!
These masks will be painted in each artists’ inimitable style which can then be sold as novel COVID era accessory which can later be preserved as a memorabilia of times of self-realization and collective human challenge without borders. Some of the artist who have agreed to extend their support are Michelle Poonawalla, Anjolie Ela Menon, Jayasri Burman, Seema Kohli, Sara Khalafi, JMS Mani, Atin Basak, Jogen Chowdhury, Shyamal Mukherjee, Sudip Roy, Anand Bekwad.