Born Free

Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

Michelle Poonawalla’s solo exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery was a tribute to her late grandfather Jehangir Vazifdar and his signature oil painting technique that highlighted the uniqueness of the artist’s hand. The works on display included a series of animal portraitures that depicted the power of the natural world - from the strength of a lion to the fragile beauty of the butterfly. The show ended with her signature butterfly installation, a perfect homage to a visionary artist ahead of his time, who believed that through his art, which was a pure reflection of his creative spirit, he was a truly free man.

This exhibition embodied the multifarious elements of Poonawalla’s oeuvre. This series, in particular the butterfly-motif paintings, brought together a more traditional, impasto painting style with digital and motion sensor technology to create an immersive, interactive view into Poonawalla’s creative world. The artworks with mapped projections, in particular, underscored her growing fascination with digital technology, creating dynamic works of art that encouraged the viewer truly experience the dream-like world of the artist’s images.

Born Free was on view at Jehangir Art Gallery from
6 - 12 November 2019.

Love Michelle's works! This piece is a moving experience!

Mridula Sharma (Editor in Chief, Living Etc magazine)