Michelle Poonawalla X Inkiostro Bianco

In May 2020 Michelle Poonawalla collaborated with Inkiostro Bianco to produce Goldenwall, a luxury wallpaper collection by the Italian design house. Goldenwall collaborated with nine international artists and explores metal-effect base materials often mixed with the sparkle of precious metals. The final wallpapers are intended to celebrate Inkiostro Bianco’s techniques to print on Gold Leaf and Pink Gold.

Michelle Poonawalla’s two designs, The Flutter and Misty Flutter, take the silhouette of a butterfly, incorporating her motif whilst also preserving the distinctive character of the brand. The end result is both a wallpaper and a work of art that creates an intense immersive experience, which Poonawalla hopes will push the viewer into a contemplative space of action and reflection.

Alongside Poonawalla, Inkiostro Bianco worked with eight other designers including French design agency Studio Zero; Giorgia Ricci, an Italian artist and illustrator; and Pisati Marco, a designer and architect f rom Florence.

“The cooperations with designers represent a cultural and creative enrichment” says Manuel Mollicone - creative director of Inkiostro Bianco - “the artistic decorations made by designers external to the Company are the result of an intense four-handed work: a very delicate process that requires at the same time great respect for the styles and proposals developed and attention not to distort their artistic origins”.