Stop Motion

Stop motion is a very precise and tedious animated film making technique. It is also called Stop Frame Animation. The animation is captured in one frame at a time where the objects are moved accordingly. The basic process involves taking a photo of the object, slightly moving it and taking another photograph. When one plays back the images consequently the objects appear to move.
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“Mother Teresa, the eternal symbol of Love and Peace”

Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic nun. She devoted her life to millions of poor, destitute and downtrodden people. She was a ray of hope to these people and in 1979 she was awarded the Nobel Prize for the work she had done. She worked for charity and had a simple life beyond human needs. She needed had a calming effect and a strong connection with humanity.
Using Mother Teresa as an inspiration of the Stop motion video, one is reminded of the strength, determination, love & hope, we all need to be reminded of in our world today.

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From Dust to Dust

This stop motion video named ‘From Dust to Dust’, is taken from the phrase ‘ ashes to ashes, dust to dust’.
We must always remember to be humble and know that one day everything will come to an end... The thought that we are born from dust with nothing, and one day we will return to dust with nothing.
The single rose disintegration as it is, beautifully captures this concept.

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